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Bionix OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips

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OtoClear Ear Irrigation

OtoClear Tips were developed as a better way to irrigate patients' ears.
Older ear irrigation methods that simply shot out a stream of water were often
too harsh and could injure the eardrum. Not to mention that they were messy
(kind of like trying to attach a balloon to a spigot...while the water is turned on).

What makes the OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip with Gentle Touch Design so
unique and effective are two simple features:
  • A design that directs water to the sides of the ear canal at
    30 degree angles, instead of directly at the tympanic membrane.
  • A soft tip that fits snugly and comfortably into the ear canal with exit
    portals for the water and debris to escape without splash back.
Product Offering:
#7200 - OtoClear Tips (40 per box)
#7240 - Tabletop WaterPik®
#7245 - Portable WaterPik®
#3700 - 3 Ear Irrigation Basins
#7280 - Ear Lavage System
#7290 - Spray Wash Kit

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