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Lighted Ear Curettes

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Bionix The Lighted Ear CuretteTM with Magnification

Lighted Ear Curette

Lighted AngleLoop # 2210 - Lighted AngleLoop®
Angled 4mm diameter loop,
similar to Red AngleLoop®.
  Lighted CeraSpoon # 2250 - Lighted CeraSpoon®
4mm wide tip, similar to
Yellow CeraSpoon®.
Lighted MicroLoop # 2220 - Lighted MicroLoop®
3mm diameter loop, similar
to Green MicroLoop®.
  Lighted InfantScoop # 2260 - Lighted InfantScoop®
2mm diameter tip, similar to
Blue InfantScoop®.
Lighted WaveCurette # 2230 - Lighted WaveCuretteTM
New wave-like 2.5mm tip.
  Lighted VersaLoop # 2270 - Lighted VersaLoop®
3mm wide tip, similar to
Purple VersaLoop®.
Lighted FlexLoop # 2240 - Lighted FlexLoop®
4mm diameter tip,
similar to White FlexLoop®.
  Lighted CeraPik # 2280 - Lighted CeraPikTM
2.5mm concave tip bent to 45O.
Great for hard, impacted cerumen
and foreign bodies.

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